It’s time to reveal my pictures for the second photo assignment by Ted Forbes, you can find his video explaining this assignment in detail here.

For this assignment I went to C-Mine in Genk. This is a wonderful place to experience the Limburgish mining heritage. More recently Gijs Van Vaerenbergh – 2 Belgian architects – built an amazing piece of architectural art called “Labyrint” – which (obviously) means “labyrinth” in Dutch. I decided to combine these two elements to create something almost surreal.

The following pictures have nothing to do with the assignment but I do quite like them so here they are.


And finally, a picture of me trying to find my way out of this labyrinth…



Photo Assignments – #1 Variations

Today I went to Hasselt to find a subject to photograph for the first real assignment – “Variations”. The goal of this exercise is to choose one subject and to make 10 exposures. This is easier said than done, after a few shots I started struggling, I couldn’t come up with new ways to photograph the same subject. This is exactly what the challenge is all about, challenging you to experiment and getting you out of your comfort zone. After all I think I came up with some interesting angles the cover Hasselt’s court of law.