If I could go back to being a beginner…

A few days ago I was looking through all of my old pictures and realized that I’ve come a really long way since I first started shooting, even though it took me years to be where I am now. Then I started to think about what would’ve made my life easier when I just started out and so I decided to leave you guys some tips so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made.

It’s NOT about the gear.

First of, don’t fall in the trap of the GA-syndrome (Gear Acquisition). When I began shooting more seriously I was always making up excuses why my pictures didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I used to make myself believe that with that new peace of gear I would’ve done a better job at it. This is a big lie because some of my favorite shots nowadays are pictures I shot with a really old DSLR with just a piece of junk kitlens. So just get any camera you can use in a full manual setting and don’t worry about the gear and just think about the composition because that’s what you’re really trying to improve.

Get out there and shoot.

I also let myself believe that I couldn’t go out and shoot because of a million of reasons like: the weather isn’t good, the light isn’t interesting, there’s just nothing to shoot, … All those things don’t matter, at any time of the day or in any weather or light still can still find some interesting compositions. Shooting a lot – and I really mean a hell of a lot – is the only way to improve what you’re doing! Remember, practice does make perfect.

You are good at what you’re doing, don’t let anyone discourage you! 

When I first started I got really discouraged because of the feedback I got, then I stopped for a few weeks and finally picked my camera back up only to get negative feedback again. You really do need a lot of confidence, because there’ll always be people out there that don’t like what you’re doing. In fact that doesn’t even matter, the only person that has to like your work is yourself since that’s the reason you’re shooting. If you keep believing in yourself you’ll eventually make it even though the way to greatness is long and far from easy.


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